The Real Facts of Prop 35

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This is the 150th year of the Emancipation Proclamation. Recently, I read what opponents of the Proclamation said back in 1862. They are quite interesting to read on this side of history. Some opponents argued:  It didn’t free slaves in areas controlled by the Union; it would prolong the war by enraging the South even more; it would incite slaves to extreme violence against white Southerners.  Today, we know that passing the Emancipation Proclamation was the right thing to do, and a pivotal point in our history. It led to the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery two years later.

Prop 35 has garnered enormous, and ever increasing, support from people and organizations throughout the state and nation. Prop 35 really is a no-brainer initiative. And Prop 35 is urgently needed to stop modern slavery in California.

The Prop 35 text is carefully drafted following the federal law and is co-authored by 23-veteran prosecutor and nationally recognized human trafficking expert, Sharmin Bock. Get the real scoop on Prop 35 from the horse’s mouth here.

But no matter what one does, there’s bound to be criticisms. While this is expected, I also believe in keeping people accountable to the factual accuracies of the statements made publicly to voters. First, voters deserve to get accurate information. More importantly, we have real lives at stake.

Recently, one op-ed was posted in the San Jose Mercury that is plagued by factually and legally inaccurate statements. I feel compelled to respond although I usually don’t respond to articles.

Helping You Make an Informed Choice

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As a prosecutor who has spent over a decade fighting human trafficking, I’ve seen the terrible human toll of sex trafficking in California. Every day, women and children are forced to sell their bodies, on the streets and online, for the financial gain of human traffickers.

I have helped to create and lead the first of its kind unit in the nation dedicated to recovering sexually exploited children and prosecuting those who profit from selling them.  Since 2006, this unit has prosecuted over 200 sex traffickers and supported the rescue of hundreds of children, some as young as 11 years old.