What Do Communism and Legalizing Prostitution Have in Common?

Posted by daphne | Posted in Awareness, Human Trafficking, News, Sex Trafficking | Posted on April 16, 2015


What do the theories of communism and legalizing prostitution have in common? They both appear to look good on paper, but not in practice.

History tells us that communist regimes turn out to be oppressive. Likewise, history and data also show that legalizing prostitution continues to be oppressive to those who are being prostituted. Legal or not, prostitution is the oldest form of oppression and collective gender violence.

Recently, a small group of individual in the sex trade (including pimps) filed a suit seeking to legalizing prostitution in California. We are familiar with this group as they were vehement opponents of Prop 35. Thank goodness that even in extremely liberal San Francisco (their stronghold), Prop 35 got over 70% of the vote.

Below is a copy of “Myths and Facts About Nevada Legal Prostitution” by the Nevada Coalition Against Sex Trafficking (NCAST) and posted on the Prostitution Research and Education site.

Myths and Facts about Nevada Legal Prostitution