Grateful for 2011. Ready for an Amazing 2012.

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Happy New Year! Your dedication in 2011 has paved the way for our sure victory in 2012.

After holding our breath to see the outcomes of the fundraising and the Attorney General’s approval of our initiative, we have a sigh of relief. The Californians Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE Act) petition launched on December 24th, just in time for Christmas!

Really. Sincerely. Thanks.

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Last week, a volunteer told me that she was thankful for CAS and proud of being a volunteer. I paused and reflected, “Wow…yes, I am proud to be her fellow CASer!”

I want to say a big THANK-YOU to all our donors and volunteers! This Thanksgiving, I am indeed thankful for C-A-S:

We got the funding. Let’s do it!

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From its inception two years ago, California Against Slavery (CAS) has been unwavering in our commitment to place our initiative on the ballot. We believe in the strategic significance of strong laws and the collective power of voters.

Over a year ago, I said that CAS will not launch another signature campaign unless we have    assurance of success. This means securing a strong base of support and funding.

TODAY, I am thrilled to announce that we are launching our signature campaign this December 1st!

July 2010 End of Round 1 Message

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The message below was sent to our volunteers in July 2010  at the end of our first attempt to qualify the initiative for the 2010 ballot. Watch the video here.


Many of you know that Cambodia is one of the most notorious countries for sex trafficking. But do you know that there are more children sold for sex in our country than in Cambodia?  We should be appalled

Happy Birthday CAS!

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Fran, Lita, Karen, Daphne (Oct 2009)

Today is California Against Slavery’s official 2-year birthday! On 9-9-09, Karen and I registered CAS with the IRS and State of California. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves and all of you into! :-) 

It’s been quite a journey that we’re still on. Yes, we could’ve aimed for less. We could’ve treaded lightly. But why?

Jury Acquitted Pimp, Victim Portrayed as “Slut” Faces Imminent Danger

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Cauley (from Journal Gazette)

This weekend, I was floored by a news article about a jury that acquitted a pimp because his teenage victim had a prior history of sexual exploitation (Miami girl’s beau/pimp acquitted of sex crime , Journal Gazette, Indiana, 7/29/11).   It is absolutely appalling that the court accepted an argument that this young victim’s prior exploitation and abuse somehow meant that “she asked for it” or that “she deserved it.”  Both the judge and the jury lacked an understanding of the victimology of domestic minor sex trafficking.

Powerful Letter from Sacramento Police Association

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On Friday, 50-year-old Paul “Yoshi” Moore from Sacramento pleaded guilty to sex trafficking of 3 underage girls. According to US Attorney’s Office,  two other defendants – Kevin Hawkins and Timothy Lee – were involved in selling these young girls through the internet to pedophiles and other sex predators.

Since this case was prosecuted at the federal level, Moore now faces up to life in prison. Hopefully, he’ll get plenty of time to think about his vicious acts on these minors, who have a lifetime of recovery ahead of them. Had he been tried by a local district attorney under California law, Moore would face only 4 to 8 years in prison. Ridiculous, right?

Thus, it was timely that on the same day I got this powerful letter from the President

Going Undercover with the Oakland Police

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Two weeks ago, I went on an undercover operation in Oakland. We were on International Blvd., where I drove by often when residing there. We even passed by my favorite taco truck.

International Blvd. Oakland, CaliforniaWhile I was aware that youths were being sold for sex on the streets, I didn’t imagine the magnitude. There were girls all over! It was like an open faucet. After we picked up one girl, we would circle around and see three more walking onto the “track” – the area where they’d be sold.